Hey y'all! I'm Dana Rae, the creator and voice behind Reinventing Rae NYC, a lifestyle blog about living in New York City, friendships, embracing your 30's, reinventing yourself & all of life's unexpected moments in between. I promise to keep it real and share things even if they aren't pretty. 

Although you may find that a lot of my content is based around New York City, you will also find tidbits of my real life throughout, as well as beauty, travel, and relationships. I LOVE sharing guides to the city of "things to do", "where to eat" and "how to's of NYC". But I want my blog to reflect more than just New York itself. I want you to get to know me, my journey here, the struggles along the way and what has lead me to living my best life in my thirties. 

I'm excited to share my journey with YOU! I hope you will find that you can relate to my life, find some inspiration when needed or even just discover a new favorite beauty product that you have seen me recently share. And whether you have never been to New York or have visited the city many times. I hope you will discover that there is so much more to the city than just crowded streets and flashing lights. 





I started my blog in 2015 (six months) after moving to New York City, with the encouragement from friends and family who ultimately wanted a dose of what my new life was like here in the city. And since then it has grown into a lifestyle blog including relationships, beauty, travel and of course all things New York. I moved to Manhattan in the Fall of 2014 after all signs pointed me here. I was living in Atlanta, Ga prior and although I was happy, I felt like I needed a life change. And what better city to experience new things than, the BIG APPLE. 

To be honest, I never really planned on moving to New York. But after turning 30 and then experiencing the loss of my grandfather, I had a new outlook on life. My grandfather really inspired me to live life without any regrets. So, as my apartment lease renewal approached, my lack of enthusiasm for my then job grew and with encouragement from my best friend who was already living in New York, I made the decision to move to New York City. 

And it has by far, been the best decision I've ever made. Although, it hasn't come without it's challenges. I moved here without a job (yes, I know that sounds crazy) but then I landed one within the first month here. I jumped back into the corporate world and after 6 months, I found myself desperately wanting out. So, I gave notice without a plan b of what to do next. And it was equally both scary and liberating. For this first time in my life, I was stepping out into the unknown. I've always been career driven, planned everything ahead of time and knew exactly what my next steps in life were. But this time I was determined to trust myself and just live life for a bit without having it all figured out for once. Since then I have worked from home, traveled, spent time with friends and family and have became acquainted with the city. 

Now, I am stepping in to the unknown of entrepreneurship. And it equally scares and excites me. I have been working on creating my own lifestyle brand that includes drinkware, stationary, party accessories and more inspired by my Southern roots + City Chic life. My goal is to launch an online store in 2017!  And I promise you will be the first to hear about it here on the blog.