We are just a few days away from Valentine's day and if you haven't hinted yet to the man in your life on what you really want. Well, here is a list of items you can share with him. And if you're a SINGLE gal, like me. Why not treat yourself to a gift along with that bag of chocolate and bottle of wine you plan to consume on Valentine's Day. No judgement here. 

1. Professional Make-Up Session

Treat her to an experience of having her make-up done by a professional. Rouge NY is a great Beauty Bar here in New York City. There’s also at home options, like Glam Squad that offer hair & makeup services.  Not only will your girlfriend appreciate this amazing gift. But she will look extra fancy for you on your date. 

2. Spa Day

Every girl deserves some pampering from time to time.  A spa day is the ultimate gift. And if you send her along with her best friend, well you are bound to be rewarded. 

3. Hand Written Card

As a woman, we really appreciate when a guy gives us a gift that has a personal touch to it. Pouring your heart out to her in words on a card or writing a poem, will be sure to make her feel loved. 

4. Weekend Getaway

Nothing says “I love you” more than a romantic getaway. And she will swoon over the fact that you planned it all by yourself. Think of places she has always wanted to travel to or places that are meaningful to you both. 

5. Flowers

I know it sounds clichè. The secret is getting her a bouquet of her favorite flowers. And if you have them delivered to her office with a sweet note attached, it will make her day!

6. Sweet Treats

Cupcakes would make any girl happy. And you can pick out her favorite flavors (chocolate or double chocolate).  Butter Lane Bakery here in the city, even offers classes where you can decorate your own cupcakes and take them home at the end of the night. Hint: Date Night!

7. Wine

Cook her dinner and pick up a few of her favorite bottles of wine or new wines to try together. You can create your own wine tasting right from your living room. And if she really loves wine, you could get her a monthly wine subscription.  What girl wouldn't love wine just showing up on her doorstep every month?!

8. Sentimental Items

If you really want to win her heart over. Create a gift she will love for years to come. A framed photo of the both of you, a playlist of love songs or a personalized gift with her name or significant date inscribed.  

Good Luck ladies! I hope you get some amazing gifts this Valentine's Day! And feel free to share this post with your significant other to drop hints.


XO, Rae