On Sunday, I met up with my friend Sarah for lunch who happened to be in the city for the weekend. Sarah and I met while working in Atlanta together and she now lives in upstate New York. So, when she mentioned she would be coming into the city, we immediately made plans to meet up. Always great to see an old friend and catch up! 

After lunch I did some shopping and took a walk through Bryant Park, which is easily becoming one of my favorite places in the city. Bryant park is iconic for so many reasons. Mostly for hosting Fashion Week in the past years. But one thing I love about the park, is that it always takes on a new feel according to the season. And now that it's SUMMER time, it's the perfect place to hang out. Along with tables and chairs that border the lawn to sit and have lunch or just take in the sites, there is also food trucks and outdoor games available. Not to mention, the park also has some amazing views of nearby skyscrapers. I can't wait to hang out in the park more and take advantage of all things to do nearby.

What is your FAVORITE place in the city?


XO, Rae