Happy Monday, y'all! Summer is underway and July 4th is ONLY days away. Which means, it's time to start planning that BBQ with friends, pool party or lake house getaway with the family. So, in celebration of Summer gatherings, I'm sharing some essentials for entertaining outdoors. 


Outdoor Entertaining Essentials


1. Wine Bottle Chiller

This will keep your favorite bottle of wine, champs or sparkling water at the perfect temperature for hours. No more having to chill bottles in the freezer before the party starts. 

2. Unbreakable Silicone Wine Glasses 

No broken glass by the pool with these silicone wine glasses. Also, these make the perfect cups to take to the beach, park and bbq's. And they come in an array of bright colors, so you'll never have to guess which drink is yours at the party. 

3. Tropical Prosecco Bong

No party is complete without a game. Think of this as an upgraded version of beer bong, because you're an adult now and kinda classy. 

4. Rosé All Day Cocktail Napkins

The perfect addition to all your Rosé filled soirée's this Summer. 

5. Cheers Metal Drink Tub 

This will keep all of your beverages sitting pretty while on ice. And your guests will appreciate not having to dig through an old school cooler in order to find a drink. 

6. Chip & Dip Serving Bowl 

This serving set is not only pretty but functional. It comes complete with a lid to cover your snacks, so that they can stay fresh longer.

7. Inflatable Drink Holders (12 Pk.) 

The ultimate pool party essential. Your guest can float and drink in style, with this fun pack of inflatable drink holders that includes palm trees, pineapples and flamingos. OH MY!

8. Beverage Drink Dispenser 

Don't want to play bartender at your own party?! No problem. Fill this 2 gallon dispenser with your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage and let guest pour their own drinks. It even has a seperate compartment for ice to keep the liquids from diluting. 

9. Outdoor Lantern

This is an easy and cost effective way to add some lighting to your outdoor space. These lanterns are made for outdoors and also come with a battery operated LED flameless candle so you can turn them on and they will last throughout your party. 


Shop this post by clicking on the photos below. 

Happy 4th, y’all! 


XO, Rae




Tuesday Talk

Do you ever have one of those days where you have a million things to do, yet you have no energy and can't seem to focus for five minutes, let alone five hours to accomplish everything?! Yeah, that's ME today. Most likely due to the fact that I stayed out wayyyy to late last night. A night out to see a friend perform at a comedy club turned into drinks afterward, then turned into staying to watch a Drag show (always a good time) and then turned into late night food shopping at a local deli. Because drinking + 1am = hungry. 

So here I am, writing this post from bed, still in my pajamas and drinking a large cup of coffee at 2pm. #struggleisreal Although I really should be checking emails, packing for my trip to Boston tomorrow and deciding what to wear for a concert I'm going to tonight. But since I have so much on my mind. I thought I'd just do a brain dump of everything and share with y'all things I have coming up, a few beauty products I've been trying lately, Summer plans, etc. 


On my mind....

This week in therapy, I learned that I need to work on accepting the outcome of things whether good, bad or indifferent. So, I'm practicing telling myself that "I will be okay no matter the outcome of  ______________". This may not seem like a big deal to some, but for me it's something I struggle with. I came across this quote this morning and it resonated with me. And I felt compelled to share it with y'all in case any of you are needing the same reminder. 




Things I'm looking forward to...

1. Concert with a friend tonight to see JoJo 🎤perform LIVE for her #LeaksCoversandMixTapes Tour. This will my second time seeing her in concert and I can't wait to hear her sing all the songs she never got to release on albums. Follow me over on IG, I'll be posting stories tonight while at the concert. 

2. Taking a trip to Boston tomorrow and staying overnight. This will be my first time visiting MA. Hoping to do some exploring through Boston Commons, Back Bay and check out a few restaurants that the locals eat at. I'll be doing a future blog post to round up everything I do, see and eat while staying in Boston. ⚓️

3. Going to my FIRST Yankees game this July. ⚾️ Full disclosure: the YANKEES are playing the BRAVES. And as excited as I am to be going to my first New York Team sporting event, you know I gotta rep the ATL. So wish me luck.....because I’ll be THAT girl in my Braves tee in a stadium full of Yankee fans. Always a GA Girl at heart. ❤️


Beauty products you need....

This mascara primer is my new favorite. If you haven't been using a primer before applying mascara, you should be! It's a game changer, especially if you have short lashes and are wanting that extra volume. 

My holy grail facial spray. You may have seen me talk about this product on Instagram before. But seriously, I can't say enough good things about this facial spray. It's great for using as a setting spray for your make up, or to freshen up your skin throughout the day or to give your skin that extra hydration. I typically use it morning and night and I carry a travel size bottle in my bag at all times. I've definitely seen a difference in the way my skin looks, clearer complexion and super hydrated. 

The best shampoo if you have colored or highlighted hair. I've been using this shampoo 1-2x a week for a few months now. And it's made a major difference with my hair. Red hair color always seems to fade quickly and tends to get brassy, but not anymore with using this product. I instantly see a difference after each use and it helps my highlights and overall color stay longer. 



I hope y'all enjoyed this post! It was fun to share a bit of real life in the making. I always want to just keep it real around here and share what's going on IRL. Also, I'd love to hear what your plans are for SUMMER. You can check out my full Summer Bucket List here



XO, Rae 



Summer Bucket List

Summer seems to always come and go so quickly. So this year, I'm making more of an effort to live each day to the fullest. And I figured I would hold my self accountable by making a list of things to do throughout the next few months. Some of which are personal things I want to accomplish and others are just things to simply ENJOY. 


1. Plan a trip. 

2. See a Movie on the lawn at Bryant Park. This is something I've wanted to do since I moved to New York and I'm excited to finally make it happen this Summer.   

3. Go to a farmers market and cook dinner with all the fresh ingredients found. 

4. Rent a kayak. There's actually several places in the city that offer FREE rentals

5. Attend a few concerts. I love going to smaller local venues in the city. So far, I have tickets to see JoJo. This will my second time seeing her LIVE in concert and she does not disappoint.  

6. Visit a NEW rooftop & sip a fancy cocktail. There are so many good ones in the city. 

7. Go to a baseball game. Now the question is: METS or YANKEES?! 

8. Watch more sunsets than Netflix. 

9. Find a workout that I actually like and do it often. One place I've been wanting to try is Y7 Yoga studios.  They offer Hip Hop Yoga classes which is totally my kinda workout. 

10. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and watch the sunrise. 

11. Go on a Tiki Bar Crawl, including this one that recently opened in Midtown. 

12. Spend more days with a Make Up FREE face. 

13. Spend an afternoon at Smorgasburg, an outdoor food market full of popular NYC eats. And definitely INSTAGRAM worthy. 

14. Pack a picnic and hit the BEACH for a day.  

15. Visit the Museum of Ice Cream Pop-Up in Soho. And rumor has it, there is a pool of rainbow sprinkles. 

16. Read 3 books. Currently reading & LOVING Single State of Mind by Andi Dorfman.

17. Explore a new neighborhood in the city. (Tribeca & Lower East Side are on my list so far)

18. Host an end of SUMMER gathering with friends. 


I would love to hear what's on your bucket list this Summer?!  Comment below.


XO, Rae 



One thing you may not know about me, is how much I LOVE to shop! But what I enjoy even more, is shopping for items at discounted prices without sacrificing quality. I love a good deal. And I almost never pay full price. That's why Marshalls is one of my go-to retail stores. So today, I’m sharing five items that I always purchase from Marshalls. A few of these may even surprise you. 


1. Facial Masks

Buying quality skincare products doesn't have to always mean spending a ton of money. Major beauty stores often sell face masks for up to $5 per individual mask. Marshalls has a huge selection of facial masks often in quantities of 5 per box for only $4.99. I buy all my face masks from Marshalls and have discovered several new brands that I otherwise wouldn't have known about. Many of them being Korean beauty brands like the very popular The Creme Shop. 




2. Intimate Wear 

I used to be a Victoria's Secret kinda gal, but it got to be way too expensive. I recently started shopping for all my bra's at Marshalls. They have so many name brands like Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, Maidenform, Vince Camuto and more. All of which are at huge discounted prices. I only wish I would have started shopping here for these pieces sooner. I have saved so much money and still get to buy the quality brands that I love. 



3. Makeup Brushes/Accessories 

This is one of my best kept secrets (well not anymore). I buy a majority of my makeup brushes from Marshalls. And I've been really impressed with the array of different brands they offer. Especially when it comes to beauty blender dupes. They have every size and shape of makeup blending sponges for a 1/3 of the cost. You can replace your makeup brushes without breaking the bank. 



4. Sunglasses

I love sunglasses. But they often end up lost, scratched or having fallen out of my bag onto the streets of NYC. So, I shop for multiple pairs at Marshalls and never feel guilty because I know I can find name brands for way less than other retailers. Plus, who doesn't love options when it comes to sunnies. 



5. Stationary/Greeting Cards

Say goodbye to those over priced stationary stores. Marshalls has stationary and greeting cards for every occasion. You can stock up on everything from notepads for your desk/office, Birthday cards for friends/family and even a journal for yourself. All of which make great items to gift! 



I would love to know what items YOU shop for at Marshalls?! Comment below with your favorite finds! Or you can also TAG me in your #MarshallsFinds on Instagram


XO, Rae


Copy of Over the HillBirthday PartyDecoration Ideas (55).png

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I was looking at the calendar today and can't believe how fast this year has gone by. I mean, where the heck did 2017 go?! Literally. With the holidays fast approaching, you likely have some trips planned. And we all know that life is busy as it is and traveling can sometimes bring an added stress. So, in effort to help you plan ahead and eliminate some of the stress of traveling. I'm sharing some tips that I swear by, when traveling.  


This might seem obvious. However, weather can change day to day. So, this is the very first thing I do prior to packing. It helps me to narrow down the items I need rather than just packing my entire closet. And as a female, I always like to be prepared when it comes to my outfits. I love using the app Swackett to see the weather for my upcoming destination. Not only does the app give you hourly weather previews, but it also has wardrobe suggestions that are weather appropriate. Packing is a breeze with this app! 



The method of planning your outfits in advance may seem time consuming, but I promise it will save you time in the end. If you know that on certain days/nights you will need more dressy outfits vs. casual, then this is a great way to plan ahead. I start with laying out each piece of clothing individually. Then I match pieces together to create outfits. Lastly, I add shoes and accessories to each outfit for a completed look. And then I pack everything accordingly. This also helps to give you a visual of what you have in your suitcase. You can also take a photo of each outfit to save for reference on your trip. Planning your outfits ahead of time will also help avoid packing unnecessary items. Because let's be for real....we've all over packed a time or two. No judgement here. 




We've all been guilty of saying the phrase; 'If I didn't pack it, I'll just buy it". Well, that sounds great in theory. However, sometimes getting everyday items in an unknown place can be more trouble than it's worth. You can avoid all that by just bringing a few extra items that you may need during your trip. This way if something comes up, you can be at ease knowing you have these in your suitcase. Items to include are: band aids, Preheels (for those new shoes that give you blisters), pain reliever, aloe vera (if you're planning on sun bathing), feminine products, anti-nausea, etc.) Target & CVS have the best selection of travel sized products.  



Traveling to a new city can be EXCITING! It can also be a daunting task trying to put together an itinerary for a trip. But thanks to social media, it can be easy to create a "wish list" of things to do & see during your stay. Try searching the name of your destination as a #hashtag on Instagram. This will allow you to see all photos that are tagged with that hashtag, often showcasing scenic sites, places to shop and even restaurants within that area. Time Out is also a great resource when planning a trip. You can look up attractions, free things to do and local events within the city you're visiting to help make the most out of your trip.



Tote bags are a necessity when traveling. Especially when you're out sightseeing/shopping and don't want to carry multiple bags through out the day. They also double as a great carry on bag for the flight. You can throw in all of your usual purse items plus extras like headphones, iPad, makeup and more. And if you have a tendency to bring back more than you left with, pack an extra tote bag in your luggage for those items that don't fit for the flight home. This will save you from having to pay any baggage overweight fees. 




Whether you travel often or only a few times a year, buying quality luggage is worth the investment. I recently purchased new luggage from Calpak. And I'm OBSESSED. It's lightweight, glides on eight wheels and has separated compartments inside which provide more space for clothing, shoes & accessories. Calpak offers super sleek designs and durable exteriors making in easy to navigate the streets of the city and running through the airport. I'm now actually able to fit everything into one luggage instead of having to add a carry on. It has made traveling so much easier.    




The airport is one of the most unpredictable places. And with constant changes to airline rules and regulations, it can be time consuming going through security and getting to your assigned gate. Checking In online is a great feature offered by most airlines via their website or mobile app. You can print your boarding pass ahead of time (from home) or download your boarding pass straight to your phone. And if you're traveling with only a carry on, you can bypass the airline check in counter all together. Getting through security is the next challenge. But now with CLEAR, you can navigate the line within minutes. CLEAR is a monthly membership that allows you to bypass the long lines of ID check and gets you straight to the security screening line. If you are a frequent flyer, you can now travel with more ease and save time.   


Now that you're all packed up and ready to can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight to your final destination. Preferably with a cocktail in hand!


What do you find helpful when traveling? Comment below. 


XO, Rae 



Hi, My name is Dana Rae, I'm 32 years old and I recently moved to New York City after all signs pointed me here. You can read more on how I got here and why I decided to make the big move, very SOON. 

Blogging is NEW for me, but what I hope to create is a LIFESTYLE BLOG full of real life stories and experiences. Sharing everything from friendships, life in your thirties, travel, beauty and of course all things New York City. 

I hope you will follow along on this new journey of mine. Oh, and I should mention that we will drink lots of WINE along the way. So, grab a glass (or bottle) and let's get started! I'm so happy you're here. 


XO, Rae