One thing you may not know about me, is how much I LOVE to shop! But what I enjoy even more, is shopping for items at discounted prices without sacrificing quality. I love a good deal. And I almost never pay full price. That's why Marshalls is one of my go-to retail stores. So today, I’m sharing five items that I always purchase from Marshalls. A few of these may even surprise you. 


1. Facial Masks

Buying quality skincare products doesn't have to always mean spending a ton of money. Major beauty stores often sell face masks for up to $5 per individual mask. Marshalls has a huge selection of facial masks often in quantities of 5 per box for only $4.99. I buy all my face masks from Marshalls and have discovered several new brands that I otherwise wouldn't have known about. Many of them being Korean beauty brands like the very popular The Creme Shop. 




2. Intimate Wear 

I used to be a Victoria's Secret kinda gal, but it got to be way too expensive. I recently started shopping for all my bra's at Marshalls. They have so many name brands like Calvin Klein, Jessica Simpson, Maidenform, Vince Camuto and more. All of which are at huge discounted prices. I only wish I would have started shopping here for these pieces sooner. I have saved so much money and still get to buy the quality brands that I love. 



3. Makeup Brushes/Accessories 

This is one of my best kept secrets (well not anymore). I buy a majority of my makeup brushes from Marshalls. And I've been really impressed with the array of different brands they offer. Especially when it comes to beauty blender dupes. They have every size and shape of makeup blending sponges for a 1/3 of the cost. You can replace your makeup brushes without breaking the bank. 



4. Sunglasses

I love sunglasses. But they often end up lost, scratched or having fallen out of my bag onto the streets of NYC. So, I shop for multiple pairs at Marshalls and never feel guilty because I know I can find name brands for way less than other retailers. Plus, who doesn't love options when it comes to sunnies. 



5. Stationary/Greeting Cards

Say goodbye to those over priced stationary stores. Marshalls has stationary and greeting cards for every occasion. You can stock up on everything from notepads for your desk/office, Birthday cards for friends/family and even a journal for yourself. All of which make great items to gift! 



I would love to know what items YOU shop for at Marshalls?! Comment below with your favorite finds! Or you can also TAG me in your #MarshallsFinds on Instagram


XO, Rae